The Global Doll Society Gallery consists of wide selection of beautifully made dolls from all over the world and over the next few months we hope to display them here for our members and for those that are considering joining the Global Doll Society. It gives us great pleasure to look back at the level and breadth of the skills and talent of our members.
The Global Doll Society was founded in 1982 by Carol Ann Stanton, Debbie Stanton and Matthias Wanke with the vision connecting dollmakers with the slogan “Worldwide Friendship through Dolls” . 
We have certainly made many friends and have enjoyed the companionship and camaraderie that has ensued. This Gallery is dedicated to all the members who have contributed and have given so much of their time to make this all work. May we thank you all, for the hard work that you have given us and for your loyal support,  we certainly look forward to seeing you all in the near future.

Cardiff 2019 Winners

Coleman Award

Stanton Award


Athena Award