For full rules please refer to your GDS members handbook.

The GDS International Competition must include multi national entries and judges and is only for GDS members attending the conventions. Judges will award Gold, silver, bronze, Dollmaking achievement and Costume awards. A popular choice award is voted for by delegates. Other major awards include the Mathias Wanke Memorial cup, The Coleman Trophy and the Carol Stanton Shield of Excellence.

YELLOW SECTION – Antique Reproduction
This section is for accurate reproductions made from moulds taken from antique dolls. Appropriate bodies, wigs, eyes etc. must be used to achieve an accurate copy. If you have used a particular doll as reference for your work please provide a photograph of the original doll which you have tried to re-create. Dolls must be made using new materials, no old bodies or dresses allowed. The judges will look for dolls which accurately portray the particular doll being presented as it would have appeared when first manufactured. Artificial “ageing” is to be avoided. Making your doll dirty or deliberately distressing costumes or wigs will not be permitted in a GDS competition.

The idea of a “reproduction” is to accurately re-produce an original design and not to make a “fake” antique doll. You may however use old fabric and lace to make your dolls costume. Please supply the picture or worksheet you have used for all dolls in the Yellow Section.
1) French dolls
2) German dolls glass eyes
3) German dolls painted eyes
4) Baby dolls
5A Miniaturedolls
5B) Small dolls
6) Bru dolls
7) Fashion dolls (inc. parian)
8) Ethnic Dolls
9) Tableau
10) Automation
GREEN SECTION – Modern Artist Copies
 This section is for dolls made from commercially available modern artist moulds. These usually include moulds for the whole doll, including head, shoulder and limbs. It is essential when making a doll for this section that you use the limbs appropriate to the head as the artist intended. Please do not use a head designed by one artist and legs or arms from another, this will not be permitted in a GDS competition. This rule applies in ALL categories including Tableau.   
You are advised to make your doll from commercial moulds. If the design is extremely obscure it may not be recognised or if you have used (albeit unknowingly), pirate moulds this could cause problems. Judges will be aware of original sizes available on the market for most popular designs and will be looking for this. You may attach a small photograph of a particular doll that you have copied; this would be especially useful if the design is obscure or only available in a limited market, for example, in the country of origin. (If you cannot provide a small picture of the original doll, then the name of the mould company which produced the mould would be helpful). 
1) Girls & ladies glass eyes (all sizes)
2) Girls & ladies painted eyes (all sizes)
3) Boys & men
4) Baby dolls
5) Fantasy inc. fantasy tableau
6) Tableau
7) Reborn
8) BJD’s
9) Ethnic Dolls

RED SECTION – Artists original Dolls

An Original Artist Doll must be entirely the work and design of the dollmaker including head, hands & feet, clothing, body and accessories. Dolls or limbs taken from commercially available moulds will not be permitted in the Red Section. Originality is essential. Select an appropriate category for your doll according to the outer surface material used for the head. Any materials can be used such as Cernit, Sculpey, Paperclay, La Doll, Cloth, Papier Mache, Porcelain etc. Dolls entered may be unique one of a kind designs or one of a limited edition (made from your mould).  Please provide photographs of the process/construction of your doll in progress.

1) Babies & children porcelain
2) Babies & children other materials (inc. cloth dolls)
3) Girls & Ladies porcelain
4) Girls & Ladies other materials (inc. cloth dolls)
5) Boys & Men porcelain
6) Boys & Men other materials (inc. cloth dolls)
7) Tableau porcelain
8) Tableau other materials (inc. cloth dolls)
9) Fairytale & fantasy porcelain
10) Fairytale & fantasy other materials (inc. cloth dolls)
11) Ethnic porcelain
12) Ethnic other materials (inc. cloth dolls)
13) BJD’s
14A) Traditional Artist Bears– undressed
14B) Traditional Artist Animals– undressed
14C) Traditional Artist Bears– dressed
14D) Traditional Artist Animals– dressed
14E) Artist Bears – Fantasy
14F) Artist Animals – Fantasy
14G) Miniature Bears & Animals all materials – including Fantasy 
14H) Bears & Animals – Tableau

                              BLUE SECTION – Miscellaneous   (not eligible for gems)                                     
This is a section for those who like to make something in porcelain other than dolls i.e. Piano babies, trinket boxes, Half lady dolls, busts etc. Awards in this section do not go towards the GEM system.
If you are uncertain, please contact the Competition Manager BEFORE the event, this will be the person running the GDS competition at a particular event and their decision is final on the day concerning all matters.
Category 1: Decorative Porcelain Art & Half Dolls
                                    THE MATHIAS WANKE MEMORIAL CUP   
                                                   THE COLEMAN TROPHY                                                                                                                                                                       
                    THE CAROL STANTON   AWARD
                                                   ATHENA AWARD